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About Us

Welcome to YOUR Success. You have come to this page as the first step towards doing, having and being whatever you want in your lifetime. Rest assured you will realize shortly that this first step is not a simple step but a huge leap into great SUCCESS. You will not only be just excellent or outstanding but pre-eminent also. Atop Success Academy is your mentor to PRE-EMINENCE.

We are committed to your individual optimization, value-based education and super success in your chosen field. Every skill is learnable. Our life skills programs will transform your personal life, family life, work life, social life, corporate life and professional life as well as the lives of those in religious life.

After years of studies on people both successes and failures in educational and business spheres, the need for a revolutionary and transformational education through life skills was most pronounced and as a result Atop Success Academy is the long awaited brainchild of two young enthusiastic professionals, Mr. Chris Mathew and Dr. Seby Mavely.

The Academy has been a success in leading others into success. Our presentations, seminars and workshops have occupied great place in people’s lives nationally and internationally. Our team knows what success is and we are specialized in how to make others successful. So it is our pleasure to welcome you to SUCCESS AND PRE-EMINENCE THROUGH OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE.